Water Element Bracelet, Crystal & Necklace Pack

Water Element Bracelet, Crystal & Necklace Pack

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The four elements bring meaning and illumination to your life. This collection brings together crystals that represent the "Water" element, which keeps you in touch with your heart and soul. The Water element and associated crystals promote intuition, empathy, care and also give you the confidence to say what you feel and communicate clearly and are particularly associated with the Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio star signs, although anyone can benefit from the metaphysical properties of this amazing set

Each pack comes beautifully presented in an organza bag with a card insert guide and includes a stone chip bracelet, a wire wrapped necklace (and snake chain) and three crystals all representing the element. Included in this pack is:

  • Blue Agate Wire Wrapped Necklace & Snake Chain
  • Aquamarine Stone Chip Bracelet
  • Amethyst Polished Tumblestone
  • Lapis Lazuli Polished Tumblestone
  • Sodalite Polished Tumblestone

Crystals may vary slightly from the ones shown in the images due to the natural nature of this product

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