Sweets and Chocolate Bouquet

Sweets and Chocolate Bouquet

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Our Funky Bouquets are all hand  made to order and unlike other companies, all of our delicious chocolates and sweets are secured on platforms and not pierced so are fully edible and fresh as can be.

Extra care is put into the packaging of our bouquets to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. Your bouquet will be elegantly arranged by hand and presented inside a gift box with a bow. This is then placed inside a sturdy box for safe delivery.

Contains standard sized bars.

2 x Giant Parma Violets Sweet Tubes 40g
2 x Double Dips 19g
3 x Double Lollies
2 x Rainbow Drops Sweet Bags 10g
2 x Giant Love Hearts Sweets Tubes 39g
2 x Fudge
2 x Freddo
2 x Chomp
Dairy Milk
Dairy Milk Fruit n Nut
Dairy Milk Caramel

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