Giant Margarita Pool Float | Inflatable Cocktail

Giant Margarita Pool Float | Inflatable Cocktail

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This Margarita Pool Inflatable perfectly encapsulates summer spirit and is ready to take pride of place by the pool or at the beach! Easy to pack away, it can fit in a suitcase or beach bag with ease.

Have no worries about leaving it out in the sun all day - the UV-resistant vinyl material is very durable and hard wearing, preventing tears and rips when in use. There's no need to panic if there is an accident, as the supplied puncture repair kit lets you make a swift repair and get back to having fun.

At over 6 feet long, it makes a great option for relaxing on the water in comfort, or alternatively as a prop in your summer snaps. The cute margarita design is perfect for cocktail-lovers and is sure to raise a smile in anyone that sees it. Cheers!

Dimensions: W160 x L185 x H33cm

Material: Vinyl

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